Auto Fire

It’s become a game of chess, by wheel and trigger.

Auto Fire is a reinterpretation of the great auto combat games of the 1980’s:  Car WarsAutoduel, and Roadwar 2000.  It combines the tactical combat planning, dynamic world-generation, and player advancement of Roguelikes with outlaw landscapes, decked-out cars and the ongoing quest for fame. Refine your vehicle, take on missions and build a name for yourself in a world where the only way to thrive is to drive.

In Auto Fire the player drives a weaponized vehicle through the untamed badlands, battling bandits and mutants, and acting as a lifeline between the walled cities that humanity has retreated into. Over time, you can build your notoriety and your name among the bored populace, turning you from a curiosity to celebrity to legend.

This is still a project in development… Luckily you can check it out for free on!

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Super-Secret Origin Story

Auto Fire began its life as an entry into the 7-Day Roguelike Challenge for 2016.  I had been considering a tactical auto-combat game for a long time, but putting it into the Roguelike model suddenly pushed the potential into something amazing.  You can check out (and even play!) the original 2D Autofire by going here.