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A Side project to my side project

While Auto Fire is my main passion, it’s always fun to do something just because it’s damn fun.  I had this past week off from my day job, and here I thought I’d be diving deep into more car combat as always, but something drew me to start messing around with an old Ludum Dare project I did several years ago, at the time called Cardinal Cell.

Giving it some groove and turning it into Skate Knight was quite a blast.  I learned a bunch about Unity’s 2D tileset system and their new UI system.  Then I dipped my toe into some tweaks to make things match the BPM of the new disco-y soundtrack.  I still have a ways to go, in particular I need to build some more stages, but the foundation is now laid.

The best part is that you just need a browser to play.  I’ve been playing it for five years now, it’s a fun little diversion for a quick break!

Is this a distraction from Auto Fire? A little, but we could all use a reset from time to time. I’m looking forward to doing more Auto Fire even more refreshed than before.

Skate Knight Update

(Formerly Cardinal Cell)

Quick update for now:  Over the past month I’ve been getting a lot of base functionality in:

  • Dwarves knock enemies around in addition to stunning them.
  • Items and monsters are flung from the sides of the screen at Stage start.
  • Bonus gold is awarded for kill chains.
  • The gold collected is tallied at the end of a level and each survivor grants a gold bonus.
  • The player earns stars based on the amount of gold collected.
  • The moon arcs over the sky from the start to the end of the night, because that is the length of our hero’s prison sentence.
  • I can lay out a custom level for each individual venue, with 12 “hour” stages each now.  The player can select from a set in the main menu and try for a high score in each.

Forgive the temp sprites…  We’re still nailing the look.

Some work in progress

The Power of Art

I had a lot of fun last weekend with my game Cardinal Cell.  It was pretty fun in the end but it was ugly enough to make babies cry because I cobbled together the art on my own.  I could have maybe increased the quality another quarter-point on my own before finishing off the 48 hours…  I could have chosen a style.  I could have smoothed out the busy textures.  However, I was focused on closing the book with features-features-features.

I’m pretty confident that it was a mistake on my part…  while I go through other people’s games I constantly have to tell myself to not let an ugly game influence my assessment of its fun… or let a pretty game get away with dull gameplay.  Maybe it’s not fair, but that’s the way the world works.  Those of us with weaker art skills have a challenge to overcome.

Because the game looked so bad I did a quick reskin this weekend to use some pixel art and audio that I had handy.  I think the gameplay stands well on its own, but the revamp makes a difference in my opinion.  A friend offered up some real art and we’re going to rebrand it as…  wait for it… Skate Knight.

If you’re interested in seeing what a few hours of stock graphics and sounds can do for a game, check out the game on below.