Skate Knight

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It’s the end of a long adventure, you’ve returned to the inn and everyone wants to cut loose.

Even the most stalwart party of heroes needs to get funky from time to time…

Unfortunately the best skating scenes are always teeming with monsters.

Luckily, it’s nothing you can’t handle.

The story’s always the same…  Get down, and survive ’til dawn.

This snappy combat puzzler began its life as the terribly-named Cardinal Cell, a game I made in 48 hours solo for Ludum Dare #37. I created it based on a mechanic I’d been considering for simple movement of a “party of adventurers” but with a stronger puzzle-y element attacked.

It came out well enough that I wanted to spruce it up with upgraded graphics and sound from Oryx Design Lab, and transformed the theme to more of a roller disco. In between bouts of Auto Fire, I dabble in this game because I enjoy the hell out of it every time I play.