Cardinal Cell: A Game in 48 Hours

After a night of heavy drinking in a foreign land, you are captured by local law enforcement and forced to stand trial for heinous crimes you have no memory of. You are sentenced to 24 hours in the CARDINAL CELL. If you survive, you will be set free. The help of your former drinking buddies is the only assistance you can hope for… because the Constable is rounding them up and throwing them in after you!

Is it a fantasy battler or a puzzler? Find out!

I created this game for Ludum Dare 37, a 48-hour solo game challenge that took place between December 9 and December 11, 2016.  The theme for this one was “One Room”.  I created a game based on another mechanic I’d been considering for simple movement of a “party of adventurers” but with a stronger puzzle-y element attacked.  I admit that the 48 hours I had ended with some poor graphics and sound since I had to do it unaided, plus there just wasn’t time for the polish I’d liked.

This game was created using Unity 5.5 for PC standalone and WebGL.  The page for the Ludum Dare entry, along with feedback from players is here.

It came out well enough that I wanted to spruce it up with upgraded graphics and sound, which I added the following weekend.  The graphics were from a set I purchased from the esteemed (and familiar) Oryx Design Lab as well as sound audio I grabbed from the Universal Sound FX and Unreleased Game Music assets.

Check it out the most up-to-date version on

If you are daring and wonder what a 48-hour game looks like, you can the original results of the 48-hour dare, playable in a browser right here:

Play in a Browser (Original Dare results)

You can also download a PC executable version of the original dare right here:

Download PC executable (Original Dare results)