Side Projects

This is a clearing house for any side projects I might have around.

Battle Row

This was an entry into the 1GAM (One Game a Month) Challenge for January 2014.  This is a small 2D action-strategy game fashioned after the classic Apple II game Rescue Raiders.  My first toe dipped into Unity.


Entry into the International 7-Day Roguelike Challenge for 2015.  This is a quickie RPG Lite where I crammed as much flavor as I could into 7 days of effort.

Arkham Madness

Entry into the Ludum Dare #34, this game was made in 48 hours.  It’s a strange game about completing rituals to summon Cthuloid Horrors around a map of the Seattle metropolitan area.

Cardinal Cell

An entry into Ludum Dare #37, this game was made in 48 hours as well, to much better results than the previous year!  It mashes up a fantasy battle game with a puzzler, and has some simple and fun controls.

Auto Fire 7DRL

Entry into the International 7-Day Roguelike Challenge for 2016.  This year I took the basic roguelike mechanics and applied it to a turn-based car combat game like Car Wars.  Ever since I have been converting it into a full-fledged RPG in 3D.