Battle Row: 1GAM January 2014

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This was my first entry for the 1GAM (One Game A Month) challenge.  The goal is to keep moving forward, and make sacrifices if necessary in order to deliver something people can play by the end of the month.

It is an 2D action-strategy game largely drawn from the classic Apple II game Rescue Raiders created in 1984 by Arthur Britto II and Greg Hale.  The original can probably be considered the earliest example of a primordial MOBA.

It was built solo over a month in my spare time. I wish I had more time to put into the enemy helicopter and the player helicopter movement, as well as advancing stages, but the pure elements are there.  The art is rough but all mine.  The audio was gathered from and credited below.

This was created with Unity3D 4.3, along with the Master Audio plugin.  If you have trouble in a Chrome browser, try reloading or IE/Firefox. (sorry ’bout that)



Deploy a Demolition Van and escort it all the way to the enemy’s base.


  • Player Helicopter can move around the battlefield using the WASD keys.
  • Left Click or press J to fire machineguns, Right Click or press K to drop bombs.
  • Capture coins dropped from destroyed enemies to build resources.
  • Spend resources to deploy units from you base using the 1-4 keys.  
  • Your forces will move forward and battle the enemy’s forces moving against you.
  • The enemy helicopter will attempt to destroy you or your units.
  • The enemy gains resources continuously and will deploy forces of his own.
  • Bunkers can be captured by either side and are armed with ground and antiaircraft machine guns.
  • Units:
    • Soldiers are deployed in a squad and are cheap but weak, and can be loaded onto your copter and dropped using the SPACE bar.
    • Antiair Troops are more expensive, but can shoot down enemy helicopters with a single-shot launcher.
    • Tanks are tough and best at clearing out soldiers and bunkers.
    • Demolition Vans cannot attack, but they will destroy the enemy base.


Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.  Sounds were derived from samples by:



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