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7DRL: Success!

Click here to play HUGE

I wasn’t sure I was going to make it when I went to bed last night without a functioning  boss fight, but this morning I got a ton of work done and managed to get it all together at the wire!  My only regret is not having a reload loop at the end…  you gotta do what you can in the time you’ve got.

7 days of frantic craft…  Click the image to check it out!

7DRL Day 6-7: The Soundening

In a marathon session last night, my friend and comrade Mark Shoemaker did me a solid by whipping up some badass audio that I’m working on hooking up in a way that will do it justice.   He even got me music for my fledgling title screen.

I got the boss wandering around properly, and am finally using sound to build his presence when he is near.  Sound hookup is ongoing, but it’s already quite a difference.  I also got the maps populating a bit better to boot.

The home stretch is here, so I’ve got to do the boss attacks and give the player the ability to turn crystals into bombs…  oh, and a win state would be nice.  Wish me luck!

7DRL Day 2 plus a couple hours

I kicked off Day 3 with a couple hours before work.  Yesterday and today I got in:

  • Improved dungeon generation
  • Breakable objects
  • Rough monster pathfinding (Doom-style, I didn’t tackle anything like A* given my 7-day time limit)
  • Monster factions and aggro (they currently love attacking each other a bit much)
  • …and Fog of War in LOS!  BAM!  (Okay, I used a library to shoehorn it in quick, don’t judge me)

Coming along well.  I still need an item system to drive gameplay, a UI to support it, and a lot more interesting world.


7DRL 2015: The Acronyming

Is it me or does every group activity on the internet have an impenetrable acronym?  Well, 7DRL is the International 7-Day Roguelike Challenge for 2015.  Day one and I’ve got a rando warrior ambling around slaying bears…  despite the ridiculously beautiful Seattle weekend peeking in through the study window. (guh)


The old-school sprite art was purchased for a very reasonable $35 from Oryx…  Granted, his popularity means I am using the same damn art as something like 40-50 games on Steam right now.  If you’ve frequented Steam sales, you’ve seen this guy a lot lately…


Luckily Unity can help me set apart the experience a little visually, including a trick learned from folks at Unite 2014.  I also picked up a small dungeon generator library at a recent Asset Store sale, but the coding style is so different from the way I like to work, I’m not sure any of it’s going to get used…  Such is the way of buying script plugins.

The goal of Huge is to create an experience I’ve toyed with over the years, which is to have a large, unbeatable creature wandering the dungeon, until the player manages to collect the means to defeat him.  We’ll see if I can get something big and not derpy…  Ideally you should fear its approach.  I’ll try to keep info posted here and in my 7DRL entry.


Unity Escalation

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated, and in the interim I’ve toyed with a number of different game mechanics, from vehicle combat to a simple artillery system, all of which have helped me slowly get back into programming.  C# is definitely less hardcore than what I dealt with 10 years ago, but paired with all the Unity features it puts me right at the level of complexity I’m after…  I can gloss over noodley trivialities like building dynamic lists or parsing input files and get right to gameplay.

But developing in Unity can have something of a…  “momentum” to it, and despite my vow make small finishable stuff, recently I’ve kept putting time into a single project.  I wanted to keep things ugly so as to not limit my ability to create gameplay, but thanks to that damn asset store and a few bucks it was just so easy to get some assets and start to make things looking pretty good.  On the upside, having better art inspired me fictionally and prodded me to do a bit more worldbuilding.  While I do still need to get some fundamental gameplay hooked up and purge the few remaining test sprites that I don’t own, it’s coming along all right in the meantime: