Why yes, we DO play Team Fortress 2…

We sit in the aftermath of Surreal’s big TF2 LAN showdown. At the studio we’ve been getting pretty competitive in our matches of Team Fortress 2. Discussions on strategies such as where to place sentry turrets, and how to cap the middle point of Granary are common fare in the offices. However, in the past few weeks it got more and more difficult to squeeze in matches at lunch as we approached last Friday’s big milestone, so we planned a LAN blowout for the day after. Leading up to the big day we had a competition to choose two captains, who each proceeded to forge a team in the fires of Mount Doom. We were destined to meet on the field of battle, and on Saturday, November 10, the milestone was in the can and it was on.


Teams consisted of Laser Jesus, led by Dan Osborn, versus JSM, led by Gameplay Programmer Austin McGee. No, I won’t explain the team names. 🙂


The official matches were played from 4PM to 11PM, with lingering skirmishes continuing into the wee hours. The results had JSM take the win home, with five victories out of six:

  • Well: Laser Jesus 0, JSM 2
  • Granary: Laser Jesus 1, JSM 2
  • Dustbowl: Laser Jesus 1, JSM 1 (Tie)
  • 2Fort: Laser Jesus 0, JSM 2
  • Hydro: Laser Jesus 0, JSM 2
  • Gravel Pit: Laser Jesus 1, JSM 3

Surreal TF2 Steam LogoThis is all a warm-up, though, because across the Seattle area, the TF2 showdown has crossed studio boundaries in the Valve-hosted TF2 Studio Rumble 2007. So far Surreal has defeated two contenders, and unless Zombie pulls out an upset tonight, we’ll be going up against the dreaded forces of Valve itself next week. Wish us luck!

I put up a “Games We Play” page for this sort of thing if you want any details on our teams.



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6 thoughts on “Why yes, we DO play Team Fortress 2…”


    Hey folks.

    Come to our server more often.

    Let me hug you with my bonesaw. In the face. Especially MadJack.

  2. Hey PopCap,
    We will definitely have to play on your server more. It was fun playing with you all last night. As far as good sportsmanship goes I don’t think any of us mind hugs from your bonesaw as long as you don’t mind pats on the back from MadJack’s Knife or high fives from my rocket 8)

  3. It’s been a lot of fun playing with other studios in the area. Feel free to come to teamlast.nuclearfallout.net if you wanna play with the ArenaNet folks 🙂

  4. Added some personal links to some of the names on the TF2 page, to at least match a few faces to names.

    That stats page is awesome. How do we add all Surreal members?

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