1GAM January: Weekend 4 Update

Considering I’m supposed to be doing these games rough-n-ready, I probably shouldn’t taken advantage of how far along I was and just taken an easy pace…  It would be hard to keep this up for a whole year.  My worktime is still cobbled together from a beefy weekend day and some late evenings, but some playability and quality elements still bug me.

Click on the pic to see where I’m at —->

Most importantly, I added in an enemy helicopter with some rough AI.  This was a necessity not only to bring the threat directly to the player, but also to make antiair units and bunker capture meaningful.

In addition, I revised most of the sound effects with better ones culled from Freesound.org.  Before this I was using some other 100% free sounds that I didn’t need to credit, but they were terribly edited and seemed to be 8-bit recordings culled from 1950’s movies.  That is, I swear one explosion was what you hear when Wile E. Coyote blows himself up.  To use these new sounds I’ll have to add a credits page to my website, but it was worth the somewhat improved quality (although I’m hardly a sound designer).

I also added the concept of repairing your helicopter and replenishing bombs, since they are very powerful weapons in the game.

Just a few days left, and all I’ll do from here on out is add a score tally and some stats displays to the Win and Loss Screen.  I’ll probably also revise the title screen to provide directions and a bit of flavor.  Then it’s on to next month…  Looking forward to it.

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