7DRL 2016: Impending!

7drlThe 2016 7-Day Roguelike Challenge starts this weekend!  Here’s the deal:

  • Participants will labor to make a Roguelike start to finish during a 168-hour period between March 5 and March 13 (that is, you can work Saturday to Saturday, or Sunday to Sunday, or whatever you can schedule).
  • You can use some existing base code as a starting point, as long as you are up-front about it (in my case, I’m going to use some of the stuff I wrote for the 2015 Roguelike Challenge to kick it off)
  • A “Roguelike” is a pretty flexible definition, but typically means procedural or randomized content, turn-based game flow, and permadeath.  Some folks go full-on old-school text-based complete with an @ player, while others have created things as awesome and varied as turn-based bullet hell shooters and dice-based FTL-style adventures.
  • You register your project on the 7DRL website and at the end, you get reviewed.  The reviews take into account things like innovation, aesthetics, fun and faithfulness to the Roguelike theme.

My plan is to move beyond my fairly bare-bones (but relatively pretty now that I go back to it) Roguelike HUGE from last year and turn it into a vehicular combat adventure.  Lots to do!  Gonna be a fun week!

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