One Game a Month kickoff

In the past few years I’ve started to really miss game programming.  It used to be second nature to me but nice years after switching to pure design, I miss the control over my results and the joy of experimentation.  I’ve tinkered in a variety of engines and codebases, but I’ve never devoted enough time to shake the rust off my coding skills and get comfortable again.

To facilitate this I’m joining the 1GAM movement…  which is simply a challenge (a dare?) for participants to complete one playable game a month, every month.  These won’t be pretty or polished, but hopefully they will be fun and regardless an opportunity for me to get my feet wet in Unity, which has grown impressively over the past several years.  Whether I can turn out something that has some long-term promise, or perhaps just explore some stray ideas I’ve been kicking around, it should be fun.

Keep an eye on my space at the onegameamonth website.  Hope I can keep the pace up.

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