1GAM January, first weekend update

For my first game I dug up some scraps of code I had laying around and will work to combine them into a cohesive game.  Not long ago I was inspired by discussions I’ve had lately about the old game Rescue Raiders, which in a way was a precursor to modern MOBAs.  It was quite an achievement on the Apple II, and I’ve always wanted to explore something akin to its unique take on action-strategy.

I may have some logic already set up but I figure in this first month I’ll have my hands full dealing with UI, audio, publishing and other aspects of Unity that I’ve never dealt with before.

During my first weekend I created some rough base art for the player’s helicopter, a tank, engineer van and a human soldier, and got them all working with some basic move and attack logic.  I animated the vehicles and even a human character (badly) with Mecanim, which was a first for me.  I wish I hadn’t spent as much time with the art as I had since I’ve got a long way to go and only three weekends left…  But considering I’ve never created a human skeletal animation before in my life, I can’t complain much.

I’ll work to get something posted that’s playable next weekend if possible.

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