Unity Escalation

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated, and in the interim I’ve toyed with a number of different game mechanics, from vehicle combat to a simple artillery system, all of which have helped me slowly get back into programming.  C# is definitely less hardcore than what I dealt with 10 years ago, but paired with all the Unity features it puts me right at the level of complexity I’m after…  I can gloss over noodley trivialities like building dynamic lists or parsing input files and get right to gameplay.

But developing in Unity can have something of a…  “momentum” to it, and despite my vow make small finishable stuff, recently I’ve kept putting time into a single project.  I wanted to keep things ugly so as to not limit my ability to create gameplay, but thanks to that damn asset store and a few bucks it was just so easy to get some assets and start to make things looking pretty good.  On the upside, having better art inspired me fictionally and prodded me to do a bit more worldbuilding.  While I do still need to get some fundamental gameplay hooked up and purge the few remaining test sprites that I don’t own, it’s coming along all right in the meantime:

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