7DRL Epilogue: Herp Derp

Huge High QualSo it turns out that the Web Build I’ve had out for the last couple weeks of Huge was actually set to Unity’s default low quality, which meant that none of the bump-mapped sprites I labored on over the 7DRL week were lighting the way I saw them in the editor…  This bugged me enough that I put out a new build.  I also upgraded from Unity 4.6 to Unity 5 (although there isn’t a difference between the results) and I wrapped a quick five-cent title screen around the experience (using an oh-so-simple stub scene in Unity) so that the player can die and respawn gracefully rather than the ghetto reload I required before.

The extra work was an hour or two, but just in case it bothers the 7DRL people, I’ll leave the original version playable as well.

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