AutoFire Small Update

I hate that when you fail to move forward a square you ram things and take damage.  So, I improved the vehicle motion when ramming or colliding with a wall.  I also fixed some issues with trying to ram things diagonally…  that was irritating.  Finally you could previously take a lot of damage when ramming something inconsequential, but now you cannot take more damage than it takes to kill the opponent (and in the current configuration you only take half that damage… this will ultimately be adjustable based on your equipment).

As usual, check out the AutoFire page for the update.

AutoFire page
AutoFire page

2 thoughts on “AutoFire Small Update”

  1. Always nice to see damage tweaks. Thanks for the continued investment in AutoFire.

    Not the most pressing matter in the world, but would custom sprites be possible in the future?

  2. Thanks!

    I must admit that custom sprites are a pretty long way off, although that’s a fun possibility. In the next month I’m planning on a complete overhaul of the graphics and that will determine a lot of this.

    What I’m working on right at the moment is enemy cars. The game feels pretty silly without it. After that is the fact that the game doesn’t really have a structure of any kind(!) The plan is to create a home base and a connected network of both city and highway maps to adventure in. Quests and bounties will take you far and wide.

    Updates will keep coming!

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