Auto Fire: Making It Happen

So I’m committed now…  Auto Fire is a game I plan to go all the way on.  For starters, it’s “Auto Fire”, not Autofire. You can find the home of the full game (as opposed to the 7DRL version) here.

I’ve been getting enthusiastic, putting regular work in Auto Fire on nights and weekends, and missed plum opportunities for blog posts.  So much I could have talked about!

I took some time to convert the entire game to Isometric 3D and putting in entirely new world assets.

I’ve also completed phase 1 of getting in enemy AI cars to battle.

Then, after some urging by my friend Jim (Dungeonmans) Shepard, I cleaned up my code and started to get things rigged up to cross between multiple maps.  Then I put some effort into learning more about Voronoi regions and Perlin noise to generate a basic overmap.  It’s not gorgeous yet but I’m pretty excited about adding some more structure to the experience.

After that, I’m headed back into combat-land and working on both revising the input scheme and improving combat with enemy vehicles.

Stay tuned for more updates and when I might be able to wrangle my next release to you folks!

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